We believe deeply in sustainable living. We designed and renovated Asheville Green Cottage with the goal of creating a beautiful, green and healthy establishment, and operate it every day using products that have the lowest impact on the planet and everyone who lives here. We are members of the Green Hotels Association.  



Eco-friendly paints and finishes   Fragrance free
 Hardwood and Bamboo Floors  Smoke free
Furniture from solid wood or renewable resources
Low and zero VOC paints and finishes
Reclaimed materials
Formaldehyde-free furniture and accessories
Products with recycled content Natural latex foam mattresses
 Wool, hemp and sisal area rugs
Organic cotton or bamboo fiber linens
Hemp, hemp-cotton and cotton fabrics  Cruelty free duvets
Accessories supporting local and indigenous communities Low VOC carpets - Africa and India Rooms
 Energy efficient equipment
Chlorine filtering showerheads
Water saving fixtures Healthy body care products              
              High efficiency heating system Organic or natural cleaning and maintenance products              
Extensive recycling  Chemical free landscape
Earth-friendly cleaning and laundry products  Organic, local and vegetarian foods
Bulk dispensed bodycare products  
Low EMFs  
 Carbon neutral footprint